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Learn how was the recording of the Kelly Clarkson Christmas special

31 . 10 . 2013

On the evening of Wednesday, October 30, Kelly Clarkson recorded her Christmas special in Las Vegas on the the Venetian Theatre.

During the recordings cameras were not allowed so we do not have many photos or videos. But, anyway, we still have something to see! Check out the photos below:

Well, we do not know too much of the special until December 11, day that it will be aired on the American TV channel NBC. But who was there know a lot of things… So here is the story of the Kelly Clarkson Express forum member “joker 10″:

“The story goes like this..

On the left corner of the stage Morgan, a 10 year old girl, reads a book aloud:

Kelly’s career was beginning to flop and she felt that she needed to something to give her career a jump start so she felt that by having a Christmas album and Special was a way to do this and the Record Executive gives it a go. Her goal was to collect all the best celebrities to participate in this holiday event. Kelly continued to struggle over and over in acquiring the celebrities. However she got Reba and Trisha to collaborate with her by threatening to release incriminating photos of them on the Internet. Her goal was to collect George Clooney and Brangelina, but her assistant could not get them to work out so she fired him. The only person willing to help her was Blake Shelton. She however did not want him on stage with her because he would overshadow her. So instead she had him work in the costuming department steaming and ironing wardrobe. It wasn’t until she saw her ex assistant whom she fired on the Street begging for money that she began to have a change of heart. After visiting a childrens shelter she realized that the meaning of Christmas was not having big celebrities and lots of money. In the shelter she sang a song to the children and one of the kids captured it and uploaded it on the Internet and it immediately went viral. Numerous celebrities were now begging to be on her Christmas Special. But she turned them down.

Underneath the Tree was performed twice. The first performance was delayed because ‘one of the lights’ was not working. A little girl came on stage and started dancing to the song. Kelly danced with her and soon 15 kids from the shelter all danced on stage. This is the only time the stage has Christmas tree up. A big animated one. It looked like it came straight out of the UTT lyric video. The second performance was without the kids. We were told it was for a video and that the audience was going to be in it. Yay!

After a half hour break Kelly returned to sing some of her greatest hits. Many recorded so it should be on the Internet now. This was also filmed. I may be on it since the camera guy sat next to my boyfriend and I and focused a lot ON US (literally on our face) and in our direction.

Fashion: The dresses looked great on her. She had a different dress for each song. She was cute because she would say ‘I would be right back’ after finishing the song to get a new dress. All the dresses were red with the exception of two: The grey one she wore when she performed Silent Night– Reba and Trisha dressed in black; and the white dress she wore for her final song UTT. The band, backup singers and orchestra all stayed in the same non-holiday outfits.

Vocals: Flawless with every song. I don’t like using this word because people throw this word around.. but she truly was immaculate.

During song breaks, Kelly talks to the audience and siiiingsss “He feels me up” when referring to Brandon (from All the Man that I Need by Whitney), but jokingly saying she would regret singing that! That was so awesome for some reason.

Setup. I thought the stage looked great. I loved the colors. The balconies were not used for seating as they were used to place trees instead (9 trees on each side of the theater).”

Are you excited to see the final result?! Only on December 11!

These were the Christmas songs of the setlist:

1. Every Christmas
2. Wrapped In Red
3. Silent Night (Feat. Reba McEntire & Trisha Yearwood)
4. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
5. My Favorite Things
6. Run Run Rudolph
7. Underneath The Tree

In the show with her successes, she sang the following songs (click to see the video):

1. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
2. My life would suck without you
3. Catch My Breath
4. Mr. Know It All
5. Miss Independent
6. Walk Away
7. Since U Been Gone

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  1. Rhonda says:

    I have always loved Kelly Clarkson. Her Christmas special was amazing.
    Kelly is beautiful, glowing in her first stages of pregnancy. I send best wishes to Kelly, husband, kids, & extended family. We should have more specials just like this one filled with Christmas songs that all ages can thoroughly enjoy. Trisha Yearwood, Reba, & Blake are also some of my favorites. Merry Christmas!

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